Raeminn Taylor

born In New Zealand

‘My name is Raeminn and I am a struggling artist who has been contributing to society for 40 years as a newspaper delivery boy, a market garden worker, a welder, a pipefitter and a fabricator, but this does not define me. What does is that I want to contribute in a different way, and that is through my artwork. You may not agree in the way that I express myself, but I hope some of you do. I have always wanted to become an artist with a point of view. Can you make an Old Dreamer’s dreams come true?’

When Raeminn was younger, he started off drawing cartoons of Batman.  He now enjoys painting animals, especially tigers. He often likes to use a combination of materials in one piece, such as crayon, coloured pencil and oil paint.

Some of Raeminn’s artistic influences include Salvador Dali, who creates surrealist designs, and Boris Vallejo, who focuses on fantasy art.

When creating art, Raemin believes he should not restrict himself from expressing his point of view. He likes to spread messages that reflect issues within society.


Available Artwork