Len James

born IN London UK

Originally from London, Len has had a great passion for art since his early school years. His talent and natural artistic ability shone through from a young age. After taking a break from art post leaving school, Len has recently found more time to get involved in his favourite hobby.

Len says ‘art gives you time out to relax’ and says that sometimes he can become so engrossed in art it’s hard to stop. Len likes experimenting with different artistic techniques, once using lipstick to create the perfect smile on a drawing of the Joker. Len really enjoys drawing faces, saying he is fascinated by faces and the ‘public face’ that people often show.

On the art sessions at Ruah, Len says they are as much about being social as enjoying art. He says that ‘everyone brings something’ to the sessions, and that ‘it’s not about just one person.’



Available Artwork