Who are we?


uneARThed is a Perth-based social enterprise that aims to break the stigma of homelessness by empowering homeless artists to share their stories and art. uneARThed is run by student volunteers from Enactus UWA, the University’s social entrepreneurship club.

What started as a small project to empower people experiencing homelessness with job-readiness skills, uneARThed has turned into a force for positive change within the community. 

uneARThed now partners with homeless shelters in Perth where we help to facilitate art groups that provide people experiencing disadvantage a safe space to express themselves through art. We then create opportunities for this art to reach the wider community, helping to share this wonderful art with the rest of Perth. uneARThed holds events, pop-up galleries and participates in markets around Perth to promote our artists’ work. We also operate an art rental service using a subscription model for businesses that want to liven up their work space with unique pieces of art while supporting Perth’s homeless community.